Lower floor vs. Upper Floor Pros and Cons

As we moved to the modern era, now buildings are multiple stories. Some people prefer to live on the lower floor while others prefer to live on the upper floor. No matter what floor you choose, each has some plus and negative points that you can’t ignore.

Below a list of plus and negative points is given for both upper and lower floors

Lower Floors


Convenient While Moving

This is one of the major advantages of living in the lower floor. It’s easy to take in/out heavy thing on the ground floor rather than moving on the stairs. A lower floor is close to the entrance/exit and it helps a lot.  

Stays Cool in summer

Another big advantage of living on the lower floors is that they stay cool in the summer. Even in the very hot days they don’t get so much heat and stay cool.


Security Concerns

You must consider this point while choosing your apartment. A lower floor is more susceptible to thefts and the chances of robbery increases.

Lack of Privacy

Living on the lower floors can cause many privacy concerns. You are not allowed to do some action which bothers other members on the upper floors like you are not allowed to open the windows because of the noise from the streets.

Upper Floor


Ideal for Privacy

A big advantage of living on the upper floor is that it is more private, scheduled and quiet. You don’t have to worry about to open the door for every coming person. It also gives surroundings views from the top.

Air Conditioners are not required

Living in the upper floor allows you to open your window the whole day and get the fresh air into your room. This will really help to save money, electricity, and effort.


Concerns over Evacuation

Natural disasters can happen at any time no matter how safe a city or country is where you are living. Living on an upper floor makes it harder to reach any safety as soon as possible. While people on the lower floor can reach a safe place sooner and easier.

Not pet-Friendly

If you live with pets, then living on the upper floor is a really bad idea. If your pet goes to the balcony and somehow fell off the railing, It would be a complete loss for you. Sell My House Fast

Giving the final words about upper floors and lower floors is that both have ups and downs. It is up to you to take your time and consider every single point and choose the floor that suits you. Buy my house for cash Miami Dade

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